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I have been writing the goal down “I have a podcast” every day for the past year or so. The day I wrote it down, I almost crossed it out because who the hell was I to have a voice in this industry? What did I know that would bring other people value? I decided to shut that voice inside myself down, I would figure out how to bring people value and kept writing it down anyway.
When I started working with my business coach, Candice Coppola,
we had a long talk about what MY goals were, not the businesses, but MINE. I guess I always felt ashamed of MY goals. I have like 12 associate degrees from different colleges, never kept a job for more than like a year at a time and truly felt like my life was always me flying by seat of my pants. I shouldn’t have these wild goals for me, who was I to teach anyone what direction to go in when I had trouble getting there myself? Candice told me “I don’t like ambiguous shit. Are we doing this podcast or are we not?” and without hesitation I replied “hell yes.” Without Candice seeing the magical in my messy and pushing me towards just DOING it, I don’t know that I’d be posting this today.
This has been my passion project, my get out of your comfort zone project and I hope my story can resonate with one person who feels like their messy is too messy but moves forward anyway. The BIGGEST thank you to Candice Coppola who is not only my business coach and cheerleader, but a friend for believing in me, my husband Zac for supporting, encouraging and pushing me to go for all my crazy dreams and other countless friends, family and ladies inside my business mastermind, Wedding Pro Insiders who have helped me along the way listening to my crazy, giving me advice and just being there to support me having a voice in this industry. I love you all so much!!
This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me, always feeling like I was the friend who would never have it together, watching people speed ahead of me career wise doing what society told them “was right” and always feeling less than- This is MY big deal and I am going to shout it from the roof tops.
I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what I was meant to do, sharing my love of the wedding industry and serving other business owners and I am damn proud of where I came from! I hope (even if you’re not in the wedding industry) you’ll take a listen to these incredible guests who have so kindly given me the opportunity to interview them, subscribe and review!! (It’s how I earn my street cred in podcasting world 😂 )
Here we go….officially launching Keeping it Evergreen the podcast!!!!

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